Monthly Archives: July 2011

Office Depot + HP = Fail

Wonder why iPad dominates the market? It might be due to the incredible product itself, or at least the presentation of the product. Upon walking into an Apple Store, one is greeted by an overwhelming amount of apple product – and each item works. How do companies expect to sell their tablets when their product displays don’t even work? Read more →

It’s about time.

Yesterday Adobe released Photoshop Elements 9 Editor in the Mac App Store. Priced at $79.99, this app is the same app found in the version you can get from a retail store. But, the retail store version costs $100.00 and comes with Adobe Elements Organizer. The implications of such an app appearing in the Mac App Store suggests that Apple is, yet… Read more →

FCPX: 28 Days Later

So, the new Final Cut (FCPX) has been out for quite some time now, albeit still being in version 10.0.0.  There are bugs, the same bugs one would expect to find in the initial release of any program. Oh, and yes, it’s very different than FCP7. With that said, it’s pretty bad ass. The dark UI is sick – much better… Read more →

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