Monthly Archives: October 2011

Bacon is the Beez pt. 2

(photo courtesy of Tony Pennay) Doesn’t Bacon make everything better? Earlier this year Bacon is the Beez chronicled one delicious way to eat bacon – wrapping cherry tomatoes with it. Today, another interesting method emerged: Bacon-wrapped water chestnuts and Bacon-wrapped dates, stuffed with parmesan cheese. At first, these treats do not seem like a natural combination, but one must have… Read more →

Steve Jobs in Heaven

While there is no doubt as to where the soul of Jobs landed, cartoonists have been speculating over what his next gig in the sky may entail.  Read more →

NY Protests Grow

While wandering about Manhattan, it has become evident that the Wall Street Occupiers have grown into a city-wide “Occupy Manhattan” movement.  What started out as a peaceful demonstration in Zuccotti Park, a privately held park by Wall Street, has erupted into a disruptive mob. On Saturday, October 15, 2011, the Wall Street Occupiers started branching out to other parts of the… Read more →

Broadway Show Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs

This evening, I saw the Broadway Revival of the Stephen Schwartz musical Godspell.  The musical unfolds as a series of parables that are based on the Gospel according to St. Matthew.  While this is a revival of a 70’s musical with 70’s “funk-rock-gospel” style music, it is a show with many anachronisms meant to add humor and be relevant in today’s… Read more →

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