Monthly Archives: January 2012

FCPX updated. Dinosaurs will still complain.

Today Apple released the latest update to Final Cut Pro X, version 10.0.3 . This update is said to be the update that takes this revolutionary software out of the “beta” stage and into a fully-fledged app. Version 10.0.3 addresses many, if not all, of the missing features “pro” users have been complaining about. To the truly creative editor, the most… Read more →

ajh is officially an Apple Certified Pro

This past week ajh earned the title of Apple Certified Pro. Although it is nothing more than a nice piece of paper validating the professional level of his editing style, it is nice to have Apple make it official. He did not study for the test and he did not take a class. He scored a 94.55%, well above the… Read more →

Why wear gloves?

While driving the 405 freeway, a person (the gender of the driver could not be determined) could be seen driving with white gloves on. Odd, right? Now, one could only speculate as to why this individual would wear such apparel while in traffic – was this a murderer? a germaphobe? a tranny? Not sure. Upon further analysis, it seems that this… Read more →

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