Apple has best Super Bowl commercial

More than 50 commercials aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday, but perhaps the company with the best advertisement was Apple — and they didn’t even pay for it. Samsung aired more of those cheap commercials that make fun of the iPhone and probably paid $3 million for a few seconds or airtime. The pièce de résistance is that Apple didn’t even have a commercial.

Jim Cramer noticed something rather intriguing at the end of the game:

But there was one ad that struck me as the most honest, most riveting and most compelling of all. You see, the game had just ended, and Colts great Raymond Berry ran the Giant gantlet with the Lombardi Trophy. Suddenly it seemed like every other Giant pulled out an Apple iPhone to snap pictures of the moment. One after another after another. And I said to myself, there it is, not some pet dangling a bag of chips or some headlights killing vampires or King Elton getting trapdoored. Nope, there was an ad worthy of Steve Jobs and the company he built.

Apple did not air a commercial, but still had the best advertising. And, they paid nothing for it.

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