An avid filmmaker, A.J. moves easily through all things digital, across all formats and platforms. Currently, he heads The Pollack PR Marketing Group’s (PPMG) ever-expanding Digital Practice Group, where he blends his creativity with technological prowess to develop creative content and digital campaigns that impact a difference for brands. A business-minded digital marketing and communications professional, his experience cuts across a wide range of mediums, platforms, and industries including non-profit, IT, retail, education, entertainment, and manufacturing.

Prior to joining the agency, A.J. ran organizational-wide initiatives in digital communications at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute. Tapping social media, web, video, mobile, and broadcast, he was responsible for various formats of communications as well as customer relationship management. Most recently, A.J. was the Marketing Strategist for DP Technology, makers of ESPRIT CAM software, where he was responsible for creative, marketing automation, and brand management.

Hernandez, a.k.a. “Demandez,” has an uncanny understanding of ancient cultures and the importance of mathematics. Hernandez is known to have many opinions, and some would say personalities, too.

In his earlier life, A.J.’s passion for photography and filmmaking led him to the entertainment world, where he served as Marketing Consultant to Musical Theatre West in Long Beach, California. In that capacity, he worked closely with Daytime Emmy Award-winning director Larry Carpenter and musician Shane Alexander on the launch of their rock musical The Freedom Machine. He was also the west coast co-producer for and produced concert footage for entertainers such as David Burnham (The Federal) and Kristin Chenoweth (Hollywood Bowl) as well as covering red carpet events at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, California.

In 2015 A.J. won a top spot with On the Street and Under Feet during the Fusion Mini Doc Challenge which earned him 18 months of exclusive distribution on TV.

A.J. holds a degree in Communications from Boston University and an MBA from California Lutheran University. He resides in Oak Park, CA with his wife Sarah and son Gavin.