It’s about time.

Yesterday Adobe released Photoshop Elements 9 Editor in the Mac App Store.

Priced at $79.99, this app is the same app found in the version you can get from a retail store. But, the retail store version costs $100.00 and comes with Adobe Elements Organizer.

The implications of such an app appearing in the Mac App Store suggests that Apple is, yet again, changing our workflow for the better – easier updating, smoother installs, and instant gratification.

Seems rather environmentally friendly, too – quite typical of those Cupertino folk.

MSNBC points out:

“Not only does that mean you’ll pay less than retail price for the photo-editing app, but it also gives us hope that greater things could be coming to the Mac App Store soon.”

9to5Mac reports:

“The big deal here is that a huge software maker, that makes a lot of money on selling boxed software, is trying out the App Store.  Adobe is also experimenting in the iOS App Store as well.  The big question: Will Creative Suite be there soon with Apple taking 30% of the cut?  Ouch.”

Apple has been pushing digital distribution as the future of software distribution, and it has become widely accepted among developers. But, some have been waiting for software giants like Adobe and Microsoft to throw their hats in the ring. Microsoft recently released its free Windows Phone 7 Connector in the Mac App Store, and although it may be a while before we see the Master Collection or Office Suite in the Mac App Store, it gives us something to look forward to. It’s about time, Adobe.


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