Initial Photoshop CS6 Impression is Solid

So we downloaded the Photoshop CS6 Beta, codename: Superstition, and it is good. The codename refers to the fact that this release of Photoshop happens to be version 13.0, a number said to be unlucky to some, but a great number nonetheless – but we’ll get into that another time.

This new release is definitely exciting, not because there are a slew of new features albeit there are some, but because Adobe is starting to make sexy interfaces and following the Apple model for software design. Similar to Aperture and FCPX, CS6 is optimized for full screen mode and will showcase a dark user interface. Since forever, the Creative Suite has been riddled with tons of floating windows with a light grey and white interface – blinding any designer after a 10-hour day of staring into the screen.  In version 13.0, we can already sense the attempt to make organization and simplification a much more important aspect than in previous builds.

Earlier this year we pointed out that Adobe was entertaining the idea of digitally distributing their software through the Mac App Store. Now, it looks like only a matter of time until the entire CS6 Master Collection will be available in this new medium. Apple does it, again.

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